Fashion Would Never Fade Away

It is said that fashion would never fade away from any culture, be it for men or women … every type of fashion would continue for ages. fashion is said to be evergreen.  All men and women I am sure would love to explore new fashion styles that will bring on your face a bright smile and after all, you will have a new addition to the already possessed collection. All genders of several generations are in love with wearing stylish dresses because of which the fashion industry is on the boom. Different states have different dresses which make the culture purely vibrant and satisfying for the crowd in the world. For women, the slip into clothes would be ranging from long ones, gowns, suits, Kurtis and you name it it is there. Similarly, the men would like all clothing along with funky accessories to pair each set of their clothes. Also, men would be rejuvenated dressed in ethnic by flaunting their culture to make it a blend of promising colors. All women on the other hand would be pleased to find charismatic colors as would suit their personalities and celebrate womanhood with all fashionable styles. The trendy styles would be revolving in terms of in fashion or out fashion and even in terms of colours .. some fashionable styles would sometimes revive the golden memories of bygone generations, the mania of clothing would often remind the saga of trends about rejoicing in the past. The coolness of fashion allows you to “ VIBE WITH THE TRIBE”


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Blog By – Arushi Agarwal

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