What kind of lifestyle are you living?

Have you ever heard the phrase, “it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle”? This post is truly not about the diet you must follow or something you must follow for being healthy. Here I’ll speak about the concept of a “lifestyle” and the way we use this idea in many aspects of living our lives.
One day I got an inspiration within the shower (things always come to you within the shower, haina?) that we attribute the word “lifestyle” to such a big amount of things we waste our everyday life. I feel blogging is additionally a way of life, does one believe me? if yes, please continue reading. A blog is some things where bloggers speak about everything and anything from food to healthy living, from motivation to creativity, from enthusiasm to facts to lifestyle. I sometimes check with my blog as an enthusiastic lifestyle blog. 

I would like to form my blog a community service where I can help people to inspire one another, can relate in a very way with one another, get a perspective about oneself. Other examples include living a school lifestyle, a graduate lifestyle, a minimalist lifestyle, etc. you’ll be a business owner, an intern, a painter, an artist, a creative, a traveler, a runner, an athlete, or an extreme adventurer.
Personally, over the past couple of years, I’ve experimented with living with a minimalist lifestyle, an artist lifestyle (which I like and wholeheartedly believe in).
A person can play the role of many identities at one time, in a very single moment.

Perhaps there comes some extent where we start living too many lifestyles at one single point in our lives and that we skip to understand it.
But can too many “lifestyles” harm us, can mismatch our motive?
I question this as I realize the term “lifestyle” is growing so popular.
Does there come to a degree where we start living too many lifestyles at one time? Can we, ourselves can attach too many things to our identity that don’t even touch on us? That doesn’t really define who we actually are?
Have you heard that famous line from Harry Potter? “It’s our choices, that show what we truly are, much more than our abilities.”

I think lifestyle may be a journey on its own, as we move forward or age our lifestyles changes. I change in every heartbeat.
In today’s age, marketing and communications can create “lifestyles” out of nearly anything. In fact, that seems to be a goal of promoting a product – connecting it to something beyond the tangible item itself. as an example, marketing and exotic edible fruit juice as a significant ingredient to living a nomadic, super adventurous travel writer’s life connects items to a lifestyle certain people might want to measure. This creates stories, values, and feelings that individuals can venture out and “buy.”
It’s almost as if we have a closet stuffed with “lifestyles” we will choose between every day. we are able to like better to be anything we would like to be.
In many cases, which will be a decent thing. I’m all about leaving options open! But what exactly may be a lifestyle and the way exactly are we choosing to live?

At last, I’d wish to say only 1 thing, read it carefully and realize it.
Your life is filled with your good and bad choices, right?
So, whenever you select a lifestyle choose it wisely. Choose the lifestyle on which you don’t regret after it creates a full lot of mess.
Sometimes I feel if I could return to my teens and alter a few of my lifestyles, but you recognize that can’t happen.
Always choose the lifestyle which you’re feeling is true for you and for your future!
It’s within the moment where we live vibrantly, let’s find our styles let’s shine through them.
Much love to all!

Blog By – Zainab Chakkiwala

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